About Phusis

The *Phusis* (φύσις, usually translated as “Nature”) is one of the earliest concepts in ancient Greek thought. It refers to everything that is and happens, all of it from reality, Nature extended to the widest possible dimension, considered both in its being and in its change or movement….

We chose this name because, within Phusis, we share the desire to develop society in such a way that every human being has the opportunity to work in an organization committed to an authentic respect for the principles of life, of the “Phusis”, an organization in search of a “global performance”, at once financial, human, environmental and societal.

Our services: setting up collaborative management

We serve companies wishing to set up collaborative management, such as “Teal” (Frédéric Laloux), “Liberation” (Isaac Getz) or “Circle-based” (sociocracy) and based on the Agile Manifesto.

Our mission

Phusis supports leaders and teams who are ready to embark on an authentic transformation journey to improve their overall performance, combining as much as possible the improvement of employee well-beingsocietal impact and financial results.

Many organizations are already experimenting with the benefits and sometimes the difficulties of these new organizational modes. With their experience of transformation in various organizations, including very large ones, the added value of Phusis will be to help those increase their capacity to adapt and collaborate in highly complex and changing environments.

Our approach

We work with organizations whose leaders have begun their own personal transformation.

  • We support on the 3 levels of change: personalculturalstructural.
  • We have no dogma: the path of change, and the destination, will be unique to each company.

We use a variety of tools to cover the entire spectrum of intervention, such as:

  • Collective intelligence,
  • Circle governance (sociocracy,…),
  • Agile,
  • Collaborative lean and continuous improvements,
  • Tools to support cultural change (theatrical improvisation, non-violent communication…),
  • Personal development tools (meditation, GTD…),
  • Collaborative project management.

The collective intelligence of the organization will be strongly mobilized to progress at all stages.

We measure the results of the efforts made by each individual.

We adopt an iterative approach, based on experimentation and dialogue at all levels of the organization.

We respect each other’s rhythms, and we rely on those who want to move forward, in an appreciative way.

Our belief

Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges. We believe that humans can respond by developing new ways of being and doing together. By radically putting the notion of responsibility and freedom back at the centre, they will form living, adaptive organisations capable of being part of the ever-increasing complexity of the world around us. Their potential will be fully realized, with the renewed pleasure of producing together a value that goes beyond the simple financial plan.

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