Authentic Transformation Summit

Brussels – November 4th, 2019

Can large organizations transform into collaborative ones?
With which human, societal and financial impact?

The summit

Phusis Authentic Transformation Summit 2019

Collaborative governance

In 2012, Harvard professor John Kotter, best-selling author of “Leading change”, wrote in HBR : “The hierarchical structures and organizational processes we have used for decades to run and improve our enterprises are no longer up to the task of winning in this faster-moving world. […] Mounting complexity and rapid change create strategic challenges that even a souped-up hierarchy can’t handle.”

To answer that challenge, thousands of organizations across the world have since then adopted new managerial practices to become “Teal”, “Liberated”, “Holacratic”, “Sociocratic” or “Agile”.

In 2017, the worldwide “How Report” by LRN showed that the percentage of organizations attempting to adopt one of the above mentioned collaborative governances exploded from 3 to 8% between 2012 and 2016, leading to positive results both in their staff’s well-being and in financial results. Since then the numbers have kept rising.

So far however, the organizations adopting successfully these new governance models have been high-tech start-ups and small to medium organizations (below 200 people). But recently large multinationals have increasingly shown interest in testing these models. And some have started to implement them.

Are they being successful? What does it take?

As It Happened


6 workshops animated by business leaders with practical experience of collaborative governance.


Large multinationals have increasingly shown interest in testing collective governance models and some have started to implement them. Are they being successful? What does it take?


People and experts met informally to share experiences.

  • What is the role of executive management in setting up a collaborative organization?
  • Can a transformation come from the field or does it necessarily have to be driven from the top?
  • Is there a perfect balance between « letting go » and controlling to achieve the best results?
  • What are the interactions between cultural, structural and personal transformation? Is there an order ? What key initiatives influence each other?
  • How to manage the individual and collective paradoxes encountered on the way?
  • What is the role of those who resist the transformation? How should we deal with them?
  • What approach to transformation? Disruption or evolution?
  • How to manage multiple speeds in the transformation?
  • What is the purpose of support services in a collaborative organization?
  • How to manage the intensity required for such a transformation over time?
  • What are the particularities of this type of transformation in an international organization? In a public organization?
  • Which transformation path for my organization? What are the main steps and why?
  • How to measure the collaborative maturity of the organization?
  • How to measure the impact of a transformation?
  • What are the requirements for a transformation journey? How do we know when the organization is ready for it?
  • What can I expect from consultants, what will we need to manage ourselves?
  • How can I free myself from the support of external consultants?
  • What are the obstacles and what can we do about them?
  • How to use power dynamics to the benefits of the whole organization?
  • What kind of support do power holders need on the journey to collaborative management?
  • What leadership is required for a collaborative organization?

Maison Babel aims to support unaccompanied foreign minors who have obtained a residence permit in Belgium and wish to carry out a life project and settle autonomously in Brussels.

Sharing the impact

Authentic transformation is also about having an impact on people and the environment around us.

Our team had selected a list of 4 non-profit organizations. People were able to vote for one of them during the registration process.

All benefits of the Authentic Transformation Summit have been given to the cause that has collected the most votes: Maison Babel.


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