Sharing of experience and wishes for 2019 – Laurent Ledoux

How to live this new year with happiness and serenity? In a world where ecological disasters are increasingly imminent and growing social inequalities are explosive. In a world where these risks are becoming almost less scary than the barking of the advocates of authoritarian neo-liberalism, who are currently thriving by denying these same risks. 

Evolutionary raison d’être: How to articulate evolutionary reasons for being at both the collective and individual levels?

According to Frédéric Laloux, one of the main characteristics of “living” organizations (Opales, Libérées, Holacratiques,…) is to let evolve their raison d’être according to what the “situation” requires, i. e. not only the market or context in which the organization operates but also the meaning that each employee seeks to give, individually.

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