Reconnecter le travail

Reconnecting work

We all have our moments of connection. Those moments when we feel alive, connected to ourselves, to those around us who matter, to what surrounds us too. Sometimes moments of great strength, but also of great vulnerability – it is often outside our comfort zone that we find a greater connection!

Martin Mahaux Code of Governance Cover

A governance code: why? How?

In this very practical article, Martin Mahaux, a specialist in collaborative governance and an expert in organisational transformation at Phusis, goes into detail about the key elements involved in developing an organisation’s governance code.

Webinar Jean-Pierre Christiaens featured

Collaborative governance, transformation and business model

This article summarises the exchanges between Jean-Pierre Christiaens, Head of Transformation at Partena Professional, and Laurent Ledoux, Managing Partner of Phusis. An inspiring and very concrete conversation about the challenges that Partena Professional has faced since the beginning of its transformation project, which Phusis is accompanying. As a reminder, this is the largest collaborative governance project ever carried out in Belgium and has already received two awards for its managerial innovation.

Management humain

Towards a more human and collaborative management?

This article sums up the conversation between Laurent Taskin, Professor of Management at the Catholic University of Louvain, and Laurent Ledoux, Managing Partner of Phusis, about the evolution of HR and managerial practices. An inspiring webinar that philosophically puts the human being at the heart of the reflection of today’s and tomorrow’s organisations.

Carlos Verkaeren

Transforming organisations: the CEO’s perspective

Phusis shares testimonials from leaders who have transformed their organisations so that they can share their experiences, analysis and advice with their peers. First interview with Carlos Verkaeren on the transformation of the French biscuit maker Poult.

Créer de la valeur ou disparaître featured

Collaborative governance and value creation: what link?

This article summarises the exchanges that took place on Thursday 4 February between Antoine Henry de Frahan and Laurent Ledoux on the subject of value creation within organisations. What is value? How to create it? For what purpose? How to organise it? So many questions that our two speakers tried to answer…

Jean-Pierre Christiaens

Bridging the gap between purpose-driven ambition and realisation

Jean-Pierre Christiaens has been working on the organisational transformation of Partena Professional since 2017. During his career, Jean-Pierre has identified several areas for improvement that companies can exploit to take the transformation process to its conclusion. He shares his analysis with Phusis.

Luc Bretones Webinaire

Collaborative organisation: the best hope for tomorrow?

In this article, we look back at the key points of the exchanges that took place between Luc Bretones and Laurent Ledoux during our last webinar on the Next Generation Enterprise. Politics, societal and environmental impact, technology and power: we will see how collaborative governance responds to ecosystemic issues that go beyond the framework of an organisation.

NextGen Enterprise Summit Featured

Can large organisations really change?

On November 27th, Laurent Ledoux spoke at the NextGen Enterprise Summit 2020 about the ability of large organizations to transform themselves. A theme that raises several questions, both in terms of their capacity to do so and their real willingness to do so.

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