Case Study: Covid-Solidarity or How To Use Collaborative Governance To Support The Coordination Of 9,500 Volunteers During Lockdown?

How to use collaborative governance to support the coordination of 9,500 volunteers during lockdown?

More perspectives of this collaborative experience

Collaborative Governance Principles

Phusis’ approach

Laurent Ledoux shares his experience and talks about the 4 key collaborative governance principles that were introduced to to quickly and efficiently support the organization of its 9,500 volunteers across Belgium.

Partner’s vision

Olivier Rousseaux explains the challenges he faced with his team when launching how could a 100% virtual organization fulfil its mission despite the constraints of the lockdown?

Currently in french – english subtitles coming soon

Olivier Rousseau Portrait

Covid-Solidarity has been a remarkable collaborative experience in an unprecedented organizational context. The success of the project and the support 1,000 old people were provided with is, among others, the result of an excellent collaboration and communication between highly committed and humble volunteers. I am proud to have led this project at the side of professionals and students who have relentlessly, rigorously and serenely used their skills and time to the benefit of citizens.

Olivier Rousseaux, founder of

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