Martin Mahaux Code of Governance Cover

A governance code: why? How?

In this very practical article, Martin Mahaux, a specialist in collaborative governance and an expert in organisational transformation at Phusis, goes into detail about the key elements involved in developing an organisation’s governance code.

Carlos Verkaeren

Transforming organisations: the CEO’s perspective

Phusis shares testimonials from leaders who have transformed their organisations so that they can share their experiences, analysis and advice with their peers. First interview with Carlos Verkaeren on the transformation of the French biscuit maker Poult.

Jean-Pierre Christiaens

Bridging the gap between purpose-driven ambition and realisation

Jean-Pierre Christiaens has been working on the organisational transformation of Partena Professional since 2017. During his career, Jean-Pierre has identified several areas for improvement that companies can exploit to take the transformation process to its conclusion. He shares his analysis with Phusis.

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