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Becoming A Collaborative Organization: The archipelago Case

Becoming A Collaborative Organization: The archipelago Case

This blogpost is a recap of the conversation that Henk Vandenbroucke, Phusis, had with Françoise Haumont, Managing Partner at archipelago, about the challenges raised by the implementation of collaborative governance. In this very authentic discussion, Françoise shares her experience about transforming two merged architecture firms into a single collaborative organization, but also how it helped dealing with the high unpredictability of the covid-19 crisis.

NextGen Enterprise Summit Featured

NextGen Enterprise Summit

The NextGen Enterprise Summit is a major event that aims at sharing the testimonies and know-how of pioneers from all over the world and engage the organizations of today and tomorrow in the expression of their collective intelligence and the realization of their mission.

HR Leadership Summit

HR Leadership Summit 2020

During this online event, Phusis meets HR decision-makers to help them better understand what collaborative governance is.

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