Team Phusis

Marc Heeren

Business Development

Marc holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, a Postgraduate in Business Informatics, a Postgraduate in Business Administration and an MBA (Vlerick-KUL). Also, throughout his career, Marc has benefited from numerous professional training programs, notably in change management, media training, and business skills.

Marc started his career in 1985 in the Netherlands as a consultant at Arthur Andersen. He then worked in different countries on various change projects as an analyst, mainly for the private sector. In 1990, after a one year break to undertake an MBA, Marc returned to Belgium. There he quickly became head of the Government & Services department at Andersen Consulting. In this capacity, he led several major change projects in the public, telecom, and energy sectors.

In 1996, Marc decided to give more attention to the IT component, which was becoming increasingly important in his projects, and on change management. He also wanted to put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test and therefore decided to join CSC (now DXC Technology). Marc became a serial entrepreneur who, with his growing team, year after year, designs new solutions, commercializes them and successfully implements them.

In 2001, Marc was given a final responsibility within CSC for all activities in Belgium and Luxembourg. At that time, projects ranged from small strategic studies on the improvement of specific processes to large-scale, multi-year IT projects, always framed by an adapted approach to change management. It is in this context that Marc consciously got aligned to the company management before or during a project to define and implement the right change approach with them. This experience not only gave him a general idea of how organizations work but also allowed him to improve the way the organization operated.

During these years, the company went from a loss to a double-digit profit. The market share increased steadily and almost every year it received explicit recognition from the market (awards). An important part of the success, according to Marc, was due to the application within CSC Belux of a very pronounced form of participative management and several concepts that are nowadays included in some modern management philosophies.

Building on this experience, Marc founded his own management company in 2017 and was dedicated to providing strategic advice to IT companies in Belgium. During these missions, it appears once again how important it is to give a central place to the human element in management. Marc moved deeper into the subject and at the end of 2019, decided to join Phusis, where he now takes on a commercial role.

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