Online information sessions of the seminar
“Towards Awakened Leadership”

2 Online sessions
12, 24 May 2022

Join our online sessions (in french)

The NextGen Enterprise Summit is a major event that aims at sharing the From 20 to 22 June, Phusis will organise the seminar “Towards Awakened Leadership” as part of the Sangha Leadership Encounters. On 12 & 24 May, online information sessions will allow you to start the conversation with Phusis in order to register for this seminar. These sessions will be held in french.

Who should attend these information sessions?

The information sessions are aimed at decision-makers and business leaders who are ready to embark on an inner journey, in connection with nature, within a peer group, and who wish to give a new dimension to their leadership.

Why should you join?

Because we need leaders who serve ecosystems in harmony with life, who bring paradoxes together and create thriving, prosperous organisations.

Because every external transformation requires an internal transformation.

Phusis proposes a journey of reconnection to oneself, to others and to the Living, to evolve towards an awakened leadership, which reconnects you to your deepest humanity.

Practical organisation

Information sessions will be held on 12 and 24 May online in french. They will help to determine if the seminar is suitable for you.

The seminar itself will take the form of a residential retreat from 20 to 22 June at the Dome in Rhodes-Saint-Genèse.

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