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7 April 2020 | Coronavirus

Phusis gets involved in the Covid Solidarity organization in Belgium

In this interview, Laurent Ledoux, co-Founder and Partner of Phusis, explains the reasons why the company joined the Covid Solidarity Belgian initiative

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What was your motivation to join this project?

LL: “Phusis has the ambition to transform organizations in an authentic way, this is to say in a true, sincere way. Our objective is to help them set up a framework wherein everyone can evolve autonomously, reveal his/her potential and contribute, at his/her level to create value for the organization. With this in mind, global performance, which includes human, environmental and financial aspects, becomes the consequence of the well-being, the engagement and the purpose of members of the organization, rather than an end in itself.

In the current context of health crisis, is a highly authentic and positive project. We fully support this connected initiative which is aimed to bind volunteers and isolated people and to favor mutual assistance when our society needs it the most”.

How did you get involved in Covid Solidarity?

LL: “ I immediately answered to Olivier Rousseaux’s call, the project founder, who on March 13th wanted to create a national mutual assistance platform. I thus volunteered and joined the team to develop, together with Cécile Vainsel, a specific approach aimed at stimulating partnerships with local authorities and associations. We offered them to communicate their services through the Covid Solidarity toll-free number, itself promoted by stores belonging to all the large retailers in Belgium (Carrefour, Delhaize, Colruyt, Medi-Market, etc.)”

How does Phusis actually contribute to the project?

LL: “Very quickly, Covid Solidarity gathered a team of 120 people, 60 to develop the platform and 60 others to answer the phone once the call center was activated. The members of this team are volunteers who never met before and their number keeps on growing (they are now more than 5.000 in Belgium). Team coordination became paramount. To facilitate the work of the organization members, I have suggested to Olivier to structure Covid Solidarity on the collaborative governance model.

Covid Solidarity has a very strong purpose which mobilizes more and more citizens. The major challenge was to rapidly set up an efficient organization in a fast-growing and highly evolutive structure wherein each member knows exactly his/her contribution. This is why, with the help of Phusis experts, we have created 4 circles:

  • The first one for technical matters;
  • The second one for communication and legal;
  • The third one for operations;
  • The last one to coordinate the three others.

With this in mind, each circle has proceeded with the clarification of roles and responsibilities of all team members. This approach has allowed the organization to rapidly improve team coordination and efficiency”.

About Covid Solidarity

Covid Solidarity connects volunteers who buy essential products for isolated people, making society more united and life easier for those who need help. If you want to know more and get involved, please visit

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