Moustique: Is the liberated enterprise the future of the world work? (French)

29 October 2019 | In the media

On October 29th, Moustique interviewed Laurent Ledoux for its article “Is the liberated enterprise the future of the world of work?”

The world of work in the 21st century is being challenged, undermined by burnouts and pushed back by new generations. Laurent Ledoux has implemented this participative model at the FPS Mobility and in many companies. A success that has earned him the support of the highest french authorities. “It is a management system in which each person has the autonomy to take all the initiatives that seem appropriate to him/her to achieve the objectives entrusted to him/her, within a framework that he helped to define, defines Laurent Ledoux. It is based on the principle that to be well and to engage in their work, people need to find a minimum of pleasure and meaning in it.”

Read the full article on Moustique (French).

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