Collaborative Governance Discovery Tour (French)

31 May 2022 | 5-8 PM

Discovery Tour

Discover collaborative organisations (in french)

What is a collaborative organisation? You hear more and more about collaborative, liberated, opal, participative, circle organisations… But do you know what they really are? Phusis will explain it all to you on 31 May at 5pm at the OffBar in Mont-Saint-Guibert. The event will be held in french.

Discover collaborative organisations

The information sessions are aimed at decision-makers and business leaders who are ready to embark on an

Are you a member of an organisation that is ready to start thinking about its future? Phusis invites you to discover these models, to break down certain myths associated with them and to start a reflection on your own organisation.

Far from dogmatic and preconceived approaches, we will show you the field of possibilities for any organisation wanting to take a step, small or large, towards these new modes of governance.

If you are curious, join our experts Roseline Filaine and Martin Mahaux for a presentation followed by discussions over a drink and a mezze.

  • Who is it for? Anyone who is curious about new models of collaboration
  • When? 31/05/2022 at 5pm for the French session.
  • Where? At the Offbar (Axis Park of Mont-Saint-Guibert – Google Maps)
  • How much? Free

Registration (in french)

Are you a coach or consultant?

We are building an eco-system of players in the sector. Please contact Martin Mahaux to register your interest and we will organise sessions that are of direct relevance to you.
For further information, please contact us by email at

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