Vinciane Patigny

Guest speaker

Vinciane Patigny

Transformation Stewardess РPhusis,

Vinciane holds a degree in History, a degree from the Hoover Chair in Economic and Social Ethics and a Master’s degree in Communication. From the beginning of her career, she joined the world of bancassurance, first at Fortis, then at AG Insurance and finally at AXA.

She began project management and the pursuit of operational excellence in 2008 by joining the emerging LEAN Management team at AG Insurance. She then joined AXA’s LEAN team where she participated in the company’s global cultural transformation project for 3 years. She also participated in the implementation of this transformation within AXA Italy.

After this cultural transformation program, she continued to manage structural projects for the company in terms of processes, collaboration methods, new technologies and especially in terms of organization.

Convinced of the importance of collective intelligence, individual responsibility and continuous improvement, she chose to pursue her career with Phusis.

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