“Objective collaboration” – the hierarchical system has shown its limits (lalibre.be – french)

23 December 2018 | In the media

On Sunday 23 December 2018, lalibre.be presented Phusis through an interview with Laurent Ledoux.

The hierarchical system has shown its limits, according to Phusis experts. This young company supports companies that want to transform themselves.
Some talk about a liberated company, others about opal, circles or sociocracy. The idea is the same: a society with a more collaborative management. “It is a society in which all human beings have the opportunity to work in an organization that authentically respects the principles of life and thus pursue an overall performance, at once financial, human, environmental and societal. There are a whole series of philosophical currents and techniques that go in this direction. We do not have a predefined approach. It is a question of seeing with the client the one that suits him best,” explains Laurent Ledoux, co-founder, in October, of Phusis, a company specialized in supporting companies that want to adopt a more collaborative management.

Read more in lalibre.be (subscription needed – french)

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