Our 3 partnerships to help organizations in crisis

8 April 2020 | Press

By : Marine Lhomel,

Phusis and three French partners specialized in organizational transformation team up to help organizations in crisis

Phusis and three French partners have teamed up and launched new solutions aimed to nurture remote team collaboration. Their objective: enable organizations to adapt as efficiently as possible to working conditions set by the covid-19 quarantine.

Phusis has prepared a precise action plan to immediately activate remote collaboration in your teams and offers you a free 60-minute consultation by videoconference to set it up.

  • The three French partners are HappyWork, Sens Collectif & Management Impact Consulting, all specialized in organizational transformation.
  • These partnerships reinforce Phusis’ presence in the French market.
  • Phusis and its partners aim to prepare organizations for the implementation of a collaborative model as well as the “post-crisis” corporate culture that will follow.

Given the serious and urgent situation, Phusis, HappyWork, Sens Collectif and Management Impact Consulting have decided to work together to help organizations to take up structural challenges raised by then crisis context.

“This crisis defies workers to work in a more autonomous and responsible way. With this in mind, it accelerates the management history but all of a sudden. Yet, this change must be supported at the organizational level, which is vital in the context of social distancing”

Isabelle Rappart, Fondatrice de HappyWork.

To support this change, we offer hands-on and direct solutions to organizational, cultural and personal issues, encountered by managers and their teams (who are confronted with an unprecedented challenge of remote collaboration).

“This new partnership allows us to better fulfil our mission, which is to galvanize individual engagement while meeting fundamental psychological needs of women and men who make the organization. Quarantine forces us to reconsider our relations as well as the way we operate. This implies that we place more trust in each other to reach a global performance that is respectful of everyone”

Christophe Collignon, Founder and President of Sens Collectif

A personalized, at scale and progressive offer

To maintain activities in a sustainable way, organizations will have to rapidly adopt an organization model that is based on trust and autonomy. Yet, each organization is unique and each team has specific needs. This is why the support and tools provided are fully personalized. We can support one team the same way as we can support a hundred, as the action plans we develop with them are scalable. Since radical changes induced by intensive remote work imply several individual and collective adjustments, we give organizations the possibility to test our approach within a team with a first free 60-minute consultation.

“We are undergoing a revolution which still has no name. This period is the occasion for everyone to apply what we do best without knowing it for sure: improvisation in uncertainty. This will require us to make sense and build links to sustain business activities, during and after the crisis. This is the reason why we joined forces to support you and put your coworkers at the heart of your transformations”

Franck Montero, co-Founder of Management Impact Consulting

Preparing the future

Phusis and its partners are deeply convinced that the current crisis will last for some time and will enable the emergence of new managerial and organizational models, which will be more collaborative and organic. Beyond the urgent need to adapt, the solutions we are developing aim to prepare, step by step, organizations for their future working context. This context is a dual environment, both physical and virtual where:

  • Leadership tends to let go of controlling the organization and its members;
  • Authenticity, trust and transparency take priority over political games;
  • Each employee identifies with a collective purpose, becomes autonomous, and personally commits to make decisions and efforts which, at his/her level, will create value for the organization.

“United we stand is Belgium’s motto. In these particular times, strategic alignment is the best expression of this motto, to face urgent challenges. Phusis is delighted to find this alignment with HappyWork, Sens Collectif and Management Impact Consulting. Together, we are going to support big French and Belgian companies in the emergence of new managerial and organizational models which favor individual well-being to serve the collective interest and which, by extension, will enable them to better adapt themselves to the market complexity”

Laurent Ledoux, co-Founder of Phusis

About Phusis

Created in 2018 by Laurent Ledoux, Yannick Bollati and Martin Mahaux, Phusis specializes in the governance transformation in public and private organizations. The company employs today around twenty consultants and coaches who, thanks to their experience and specific expertise, help organizations to emerge a collaborative approach aimed to meet their real needs and to empower their transformation process.

More information on www.phusis-partners.com

About HappyWork

Making organizations deeply agile and blooming is HappyWork’s vocation. The company was founded in 2014. Isabelle Rappart and her partners, Bastoun Talec and Vincent Lagalaye contribute to make the management lines of their clients evolve. Among them: Engie, Enedis, EDF, RTE, French and Spanish SMEs as well as ESS players. Supported by HappyWork, around twenty of them turned to the Holacracy® organizational system.

More information on www.happywork.pro

About Sens Collectif

Created in 2018, Sens Collectif is specialized in the transformation of organizations governance and management towards collaborative systems. It gathers 4 partners, Arnaud Edard, Karine Lienard, Marielle Thomas and Christophe Collignon who lived, as from 2012, the transformation of the own company into a “liberated” organization. This enriching experience reinforces our understanding of the transformation basics.

More information on www.senscollectif.fr

About Management Impact Consulting

For more than 16 years, Management Impact Consulting, a consulting firm led by Sabine Hong and Franck Montero, has been supporting the transformation of public and private organizations. We are convinced that it is necessary to work on innovative individual and collective approaches so that we can support organizations in an efficient and respectful way but also to define and implement successful transformation journeys. These transformations must be done in respect of cultures and people while aiming for true impact. We develop emerging practices with our clients that are based on human-centric approaches and are both the origin and the goal of any added-value transformation. Our expertise covers all the layers of the organization and turns on individual, team and organization coaching as well as on tailor-made training programs.

More information on www.mi-consulting.fr

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