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Carmen is finishing the last year of her master’s degree in Social and Cultural Management at the “Institut des Hautes Etudes des Communications Sociales” (IHECS) in Brussels. In 2017, she completed her Bachelor of Applied Communications. Her studies allowed her to combine theoretical and practical knowledge. She took lessons of communication plan strategies, project management, media design and production (video, photo, radio, web) and organizational management.

Born in Luxembourg, she’s quadrilingual and did several internships at a film production company, a radio station and a film festival. Carmen also did a Film Workshop at the Prague Film School where she took lessons of screenwriting, directing, cinematography and editing. Recently for her master’s project, she was part of the initiative group of “C’est planté pès de chez vous”. This project was composed of a half an hour awareness raising film and of an event targeting the ecological initiatives of local farmers of the Hesbaye branbonçonne, which took place the 21 October 2018 at Jandrain-Jandrenouille.

The goal of this project was to connect citizens and farmers while informing people about the difficulties of ecological consumption.

For the past three years she has been part of the ASBL committee of the Luxemburgish students' society of information and communication (ELSIC) which was founded in 2015 and is currently vice-president and treasurer.

She joined Phusis, because she wanted to know how to instore a collaborative management system and learn more about the working dynamic of a company whose management system seeks to have a social and human impact. She also wants to write about entrepreneurial self-management and horizontal organisations in her master’s thesis.

Furthermore, Carmen is sensitive to the environment, a passionate diver and plays squash.

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