Pia Fiordalisi

Project manager

Pia Fiordalisi

Originally from Argentina, Pia has recently moved to Belgium with her family.

She is an accountant with very strong interpersonal skills including a master in HR. Pia has more than 8 years of experience in Change and Project Management, Operations and Business Process Outsourcing, meeting numerous challenges in Latin America and in the US with wide-ranging teams and functions around the world. She has grown in high-responsibility positions in Argentina and USA in global companies such as IBM and Accenture.

She began her career as senior analyst at IBM Buenos Aires working for a client at the US, where she travelled multiple times to many trainings. After 4 years Accenture acquired the entire client project, so she was transferred from one company to the other one. At Accenture she led and designed the implementation of multiple transformation projects were she was able to drive automation and analytics, including new controls, new tools, and many improvements generating great impact for the client. She was promoted as Manager with 2 large teams under her responsibility.

In 2015 she could achieved a transfer within Accenture from Buenos Aires to Chicago, where she joined the Legal Operations team and in 2017 she was transferred from Chicago to Minneapolis. Her responsibility was to drive strategic planning and execution of key initiatives that provide operational efficiencies for the Global Legal team in areas that include project management, training and communications, finance and metrics.

As a fun fact, Pia is a Scottish Dancer, she loves go running and playing soccer.

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