Rémy Gelin

Junior project manager

Rémy Gelin

Remy graduated in 2019 from UCL (Belgium) with a master’s degree in Innovation Management and a bachelor’s degree in Business Engineering. He also holds a complimentary master’s degree in Marketing Strategy for Connected Brands.

Born and raised in a multicultural family he is tri-lingual with great appreciation for cultural diversity. He developed a passion for nature and human relations early in his life and became an active member of Scouts movement in Belgium, first as a young participant and then as a leader of Wolf Cubs group (8-12 years old).

He chose Innovation Management as his major in order to better understand how organisations can grow and evolve by providing effective management and leadership respective of the generational and cultural complexity while having a positive impact on the environment and the society. His interest in new management approaches was sparked further with research for his 2017 essay on the subject of “Current economic, managerial and social issues” where he focused on early adoption of Holacracy.

His master thesis on Collaborative Management gave him further opportunity to learn the subject. Joining the Phusis team is a natural evolution of Remy’s quest to gain in-depth knowledge and experience of an organisation’s transformation from traditional management methods to new collaborative management approaches. His objective is to develop his career helping companies make this transition.

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