Portrait Alexia Itterbeek

Team Phusis

Alexia Itterbeek

Sales Leads Energizer

Since the beginning, Alexia Itterbeek is passionate by connecting people. It is not surprising that she started her career in commercial roles.

After a bachelor architecture at Sint-Lukas Brussels, she starts her career in 2010 as inside sales and become quickly a business developer because of her growing added value to the business.

Alexia is a born networker and a fast thinker who understands and anticipate the customer’s needs.

She develops these qualities mainly during her experience as sales manager in the b2b event industry.

It appears once again how important it is for her to help people in her network, share information and create authentic relationships based on trust. Convinced of the importance of collaboration, individual responsibility and continuous improvement, she chose to pursue her career with Phusis as sales leads energizer.

“Competition make us faster, collaboration makes us better”

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