Anne-Laure Cordier Portrait

Team Phusis

Anne-Laure Cordier

Transformation Stewardess

Anne-Laure has +20 years of experience in HR, business, project and change management, developing and transforming organizations and teams.

She starts her career in Finance at JPMorgan and HP and moves gradually into project and change management/HR whilst at Agilent Technologies where she holds a role in Quality/Change/HR for several years.

In 2010 she starts consulting international organizations such as Swift, AXA, GSK through large transformation projects, implementing Lean, setting up Diversity and other Culture Change programs. In her successive positions, she developed and perfected her training in communication, process management, human resources and organizational development.

Anne-Laure is passionate about individual growth and collective performance. She focuses on allowing people and teams to build on their strengths and realize their full potential.

Based on these experiences and convinced of the need to develop traditional organizational and management models to support individual growth and unleash collective intelligence, Anne-Laure decided to join Phusis and put her skills and enthusiasm at the service of companies wishing to evolve in this direction. She also supports We Forest, a small NGO engaged in climate change initiatives through reforestation projects around the world, as HR Manager.

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