Catherine Lewuillon

Team Phusis

Catherine Lewuillon

Transformation Stewardess

Catherine starts her professional career in 2009 as a lawyer at the Brussels Bar. After 4 years of practice in civil and commercial law, real estate and medical law, she decides to spend a year as director of a school in Cambodia for an NGO, an intense experience that sets her on the path of her passion: the human being, with all his potential for evolution, both in his relationship to himself and in his interaction with others and within a group.

Back in Belgium, she is involved in project and event management, and the deployment of collaborative governance within a non-profit organisation, and nourishes her practice by training herself as a group facilitator in collective intelligence, and in the modes of collaborative governance essentially stemming from sociocracy and holacracy™️.

In 2014, she begins a two-year certification training course on the Enneagram, a model for the study of different types of personality, allowing a deep knowledge of oneself and a better understanding of others. Since then, she has been teaching this model in training, courses and workshops.

At the same time, Catherine joined STIB-MIVB in 2016 as a Learning and Development Partner and Project Manager Leadership, where she implements a leadership model through a collaborative process and sets up extensive leadership development paths. She then starts a solid training in coaching, team building and organisation development in the Coach & Team® – V Lenhardt School, learning and practising the management of complexity, of change, and setting up collective intelligence of the members of an organisation.

After more than ten years of experience in facilitating in very different environments, she enthusiastically joins Phusis in 2020, fully aligned with the mission of authentic transformation of people and organizations.

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