Catherine Lewuillon

Team Phusis

Catherine Lewuillon

Transformation Stewardess

After starting her career as a lawyer and then as the director of a school in Cambodia, Catherine chose to return to Belgium to train and engage in coaching individuals, teams and organisations who wish to put the Human at the centre and get closer to their raison d’être.

Since her return in 2014, she has been offering facilitation, training, individual and team coaching, project management and consultancy services in a variety of environments: Amongst others, she has been able to lead large-scale projects, either of leadership transformation or transformation towards collaborative governance, closely confronted with the management of complexity, change, and the collective intelligence of the members of an organisation. Catherine enjoys experimenting with executive coaching and the strategic dimension of projects at the highest level, while at the same time accompanying teams on the ground, finding meaning as close as possible to where the impact is.

She is systematically interested in the functioning of the human being, in his relationship with himself, with others and within the system to which he belongs, the human being with all his paradoxes and his growth potential. She tries to apply the principles she has learned to herself and those around her and takes great pleasure in continuing to learn and explore. She is also a follower of the enneagram, yoga, transactional analysis, and the transition and collaborative living movement.

It is with enthusiasm that Catherine now puts her passion, experience and skills at the service of Phusis, fully aligning herself with the mission of authentic transformation of people and organisations.

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