Christophe Bruynix

Team Phusis

Christophe Bruynix

IT and webmaster

Since its inception, Christophe Bruynix has had a career at the crossroads of communication and IT.

While working as a copywriter for RTL and a film journalist for Kinepolis, Roularta magazines and the website, Christophe joined McKinsey in 1996 as a support IT specialist.

In 1998, he joined A+ Consultancy and carried out various support missions for BBL (future ING) and BASF. For the first time, he is involved in the deployment of Internet Home Banking. For the second, it contributes to major infrastructure and organizational changes.

In 2005, after a stint as a Lotus Notes developer at Pixelixir, he joined AMSIT and was assigned to support ING’s Self Bank devices. During this period, he participated in the project to replace all the equipment in Belgium.

In 2009, he joined Informatic Services IS (which was taken over shortly afterwards by Computacenter) and was sent on a mission to UCB. During this intense mission, he leads a support team spread over Belgium and India, covering all the world’s sites. He is also in charge of training support staff and organizing documentation.

In 2014, he became a freelancer and alternated web presence and consulting projects in process optimization.

In 2019, Christophe joined Phusis as a partner.

In all his missions, Christophe uses his IT know-how, creativity and storytelling skills to define unique, original and innovative solutions.

In addition, he practices fitness, meditation and photography.

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