Jean-Pierre Christiaens Portrait

Guest speaker

Jean-Pierre Christiaens

Transformation Director – Partena Professional,

Jean-Pierre Christiaens assists organisations that engage in a collaborative transformation of their business model. Always passionate about the evolution of organisational models, he has devoted more than 20 years of his professional life to initiating, experimenting and implementing transformation projects as a manager or leader. For the past 4 years, and after having carried out a mission to coordinate the Belgian Federal Government’s SME plan, he has devoted himself fully to the connection between business model, governance and personal development. Constantly looking for new approaches, he mobilises teams in the conduct of their transformation.

Jean-Pierre is currently Transformation Director at Partena Professional which is implementing one of the largest collaborative governance projects ever in Belgium and has already received several awards at the NextGen Enterprise Summit in Paris in November 2020 and the HR Excellence Awards in Belgium in February 2021.

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