Marie-Ange Boisramé

Team Phusis

Marie-Ange Boisramé

Transformation Stewardess

After 20 years in the insurance industry as an employee holding various positions in administrative, technical and commercial departments, Marie-Ange took the plunge and became an entrepreneur to contribute to the change in our society, to create the difference that makes the difference.

Her motivation is to put people at the heart of the change and transformation processes in the organisations she accompanies. Convinced of the importance of the link and connection between individuals, she trains and experiments in the fields of collective intelligence, well-being and personal development. Deeply curious, eminently hard-working and passionate about transmission, she has chosen to put her experience and resources at the service of employees and teams. Because she has confidence in human beings, in their ability to evolve and to transmit this fulfilment to the world…

Her mission? To help everyone find the light that smoulders within and to help it grow to release its full potential. Participating in this with her little spark is her greatest joy! For there is nothing more beautiful than to see someone dare to change, without fear, and assume who they are in order to start living.

As a coach and facilitator – trained in Coaching at the Leading and Coaching Academy based on the ICF deontology, in the Neurocognitive and Behavioural approach, in Non-Violent Communication, in Collective Intelligence and in Collaborative and Participative Dynamics – with her coaching hat on, Marie-Ange allows each person to reveal themselves thanks to a benevolent accompaniment. She is convinced that everyone deserves to reveal their inner self, even if this path sometimes requires a little help.

She combines this role of coach with that of facilitator for teams to enable them to overcome difficulties, conflicts… A process which, according to her, requires a resolutely human outlook. Indeed, it is not easy to find harmony within a team where several deeply singular, unique and therefore so different personalities have to combine around common objectives. It is in this spirit that she tries to facilitate cooperation between team members, so as to create a space that everyone contributes to nourish with positive energy and in which everyone feels at home.

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