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Martin Mahaux

Transformation Steward

Martin just lives in a collaborative world, from co-housing to transition networks, until his professional life, naturally.

He started as a consultant in IT, where he brought a facilitator’s mind in Business Analysts’ work, during 6 years, at 10+ clients side, in all industries (KBC, France Telecom, The Post, MSD, Electrabel…).

He then undertook a PhD thesis on the topic of collaboration between IT and “normal” people ;-). Successfully defending the thesis “co-creating sustainable systems”, he is one of the very few “doctors in collaboration” that you will find in Belgium…

During the research, Martin published many peer-reviewed articles, but more importantly, did not stop experimenting in real life with group practice. In particular, he got the time to fine-tune his favourite technique for training collaborative skills: improvisational theatre.

Martin is a regular keynote speaker, his opinions regularly invited in the media, radio or written press.

Combine experience with freshness, academic background with practical understanding, facilitation and consulting skills, you get who you need to talk about deep collaboration.

In 2018, Martin is one of the four founding partners of Phusis.

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