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Guest speaker

Martin Ruebens

Project Leader – Vlaamse Overheid,

Martin Ruebens started recently as project leader Public Sector Innovation in the Flemish public administration. This project is focused on promoting innovative policy practices within and outside government by creating a platform to detect, to make more visible, to share knowledge and experiences and to provide support in the development of policy innovation within the Flemish government and local authorities.

Previously, he was in 2010 secretary-general of the Flemish Departement of Chancellery and Public Governance. He transformed this department from a traditional hierarchical organisation towards a network organisation based on self-management, purpose-driven and human-centric.

He is an experienced senior civil servant with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration, since 1990. Skilled in coaching, government, leadership, and policy analysis. Now focused on public sector innovation, striving towards a heartwarming government supporting a heartwarming society.


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