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Adapt your organization model to your new reality

Are you struggling to change how your organization works, to remain agile and efficient despite the current crisis? Are you wondering how to keep on serving your customers, the best way possible? Are you willing to preserve your employees’ mental health and engagement despite social distancing? Are you trying to fit in a brand new way of working while most of your teams – if not all of them – are working remotely?

Adjust your organization, your roles, your responsibilities, your decision-making processes to your new reality. Phusis and its partners offer you a ready to use support to allow your managers and teams to use the best remote collaborative approach to face the new situation and this fast changing environment.

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our immediate solutions

Working from home with all your team members implies a good communication, clear roles and responsibilities as well as efficient decision-making processes. The solutions we offer will help you to proceed, step by step, with the support of our experts.

We propose two solutions to meet your needs:


To immediately activate your
remote team collaboration

An on-demand online service with our specialists to activate your remote team collaboration.

Benefit from a 60-minute online consultation (via Zoom) to receive practical advice and personal guidance from our experts to rapidly set-up an agile and efficient remote collaborative organization.

This first consultation is free.

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To provide all your teams with
rapid support
and adapt
your organization globally.

A tailor-made support allowing your managers and teams to develop collaborative ecosystems that will meet their needs.

We implement together with your managers (HR, etc.) a supporting online program that can
rapidly be deployed at large scale
and be aligned with your
objectives at 100%.

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Team assessment: constraints, challenges, expectations.


Clarification of the objectives, roles and responsibilities in a situation of crisis.

Diagnosis of remote collaboration tools, procedures and skills.

Structure and facilitation of remote meetings based on needs and emergencies.

Use of collaborative tools: tasks, priorities, projects, knowledge management follow-up, etc.


Common rules and practices to be rapidly shared with the whole team (governance code)

Our Alliance

The situation we are facing today is unprecedented. This is why Phusis, HappyWork, Management Impact Consulting and Sens Collectif combine their expertise in the development of collaborative organizations and of managers and teams coaching to help companies adapt to this complexity.

Faced with this previously unseen crisis, we have developed a practical solution, 100% digital, to support the rapid setup of an efficient remote collaboration. In a few hours only, benefit from organizational tools and advice which will facilitate exchanges, decision-making processes and communications within your teams.

By offering you a support that goes beyond the technical aspects of remote work, Phusis and its partners gather more than 25 consultants who are ready to help you to adapt today your organization to future ways of working.

Laurent Ledoux

Partner and Co-Founder

Franck Montero

Associate Director

Christophe Collignon

Partner and Co-Founder

Isabelle Rappart

Partner and Co-Founder

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