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Adapt your organization model to your new reality

Are you struggling to change how your organization works, to remain agile and efficient? Are you wondering how to keep on serving your customers, the best way possible in this faschanging environment? Are you willing to preserve your employees’ mental health and engagement? Are you trying to fit in a brand new way of working?

Adjust your organization, your roles, your responsibilities, your decision-making processes to your new reality. Phusis and its partners offer you solutions of governance to allow your managers and teams to adjust quickly and efficiently to new situations while enhancing collaborators’ engagement.

Start the conversation with Phusis

Phusis proposes you a 3minutes conversation to assess the situation of your company and your teams and to lay out the ground for organizational change.

This conversation takes place on the videoconference platform Zoom.

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Our alliance

Laurent Ledoux

Partner & Co-founder

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Frank Montero

Associate director

Christophe Collignon

Partner & Co-founder

Isabelle Rappart

Partner & Co-founder

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Our approach

Team assessment: constraints, challenges, expectations.

Clarification of the objectives, roles and responsibilities.

Diagnosis of remote collaboration tools, procedures and skills.

Structure and facilitation of efficient meetings based on needs and emergencies.

Use of collaborative tools: tasks, priorities, projects, knowledge management follow-up, etc.

Common rules and practices to be shared with the whole team (governance code).

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