Trans-mutation: reflections on the Covid-19 crisis (French)

1 May 2020 | Coronavirus

Founder and partner of Phusis, Laurent Ledoux is also a member of Trans-mutation, the summer university for public and private leaders. As such, he regularly participates on Youtube in the conversations between the speakers of the association.

The Covid-19 crisis feeds the latest videos, including the meeting below between Pablo Servigne, Patrick Viveret and Laurent Ledoux.

Laurent Ledoux – Phusis, member of Trans-mutation (French)


Meeting on the Covid crisis between Pablo Servigne, Patrick Viveret and Laurent Ledoux (French)

Trans-mutation speakers, Pablo Servigne, agricultural engineer (author of “L’autre loi de la Jungle” and “Une autre fin du monde est possible”), Patrick Viveret, philosopher (author of “La cause humaine, du bon usage de la fin d’un monde”) and Laurent Ledoux (Phusis) deliver their reading of the coronavirus crisis.


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