Authentic transformation for a collective performance

Phusis is a cooperative of managers and experts in transforming organizations.

We support leaders and teams who are ready to embark on an authentic transformation journey to improve their overall performance, combining as much as possible the improvement of employee well-beingsocietal impact and financial results.

We serve companies wishing to set up collaborative management, such as “Teal” (Frédéric Laloux), “Liberation” (Isaac Getz) or “Circle-based” (sociocracy) and based on the Agile Manifesto.

Discovery Tour

Collaborative Governance Discovery Tour (French)

What is a collaborative organisation? You hear more and more about collaborative, liberated, opal, participative, circle organisations… But do you know what they really are? Phusis will explain it all to you on 31 May at 5pm at the OffBar in Mont-Saint-Guibert. The event will be held in french.


Martin Mahaux Code of Governance Cover

In this very practical article, Martin Mahaux, a specialist in collaborative governance and an expert in organisational transformation at Phusis, goes into detail about the key elements involved in developing an organisation’s governance code.

Webinar Jean-Pierre Christiaens featured

This article summarises the exchanges between Jean-Pierre Christiaens, Head of Transformation at Partena Professional, and Laurent Ledoux, Managing Partner of Phusis. An inspiring and very concrete conversation about the challenges that Partena Professional has faced since the beginning of its transformation project, which Phusis is accompanying. As a reminder, this is the largest collaborative governance project ever carried out in Belgium and has already received two awards for its managerial innovation.

Management humain

This article sums up the conversation between Laurent Taskin, Professor of Management at the Catholic University of Louvain, and Laurent Ledoux, Managing Partner of Phusis, about the evolution of HR and managerial practices. An inspiring webinar that philosophically puts the human being at the heart of the reflection of today’s and tomorrow’s organisations.

Carlos Verkaeren

Phusis shares testimonials from leaders who have transformed their organisations so that they can share their experiences, analysis and advice with their peers. First interview with Carlos Verkaeren on the transformation of the French biscuit maker Poult.

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