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Phusis is a cooperative of managers and experts in the transformation of large organizations.

We support leaders and teams who are ready to embark on an authentic transformation journey to improve their overall performance, combining as much as possible the improvement of employee well-being, societal impact and financial results.

We serve companies wishing to set up collaborative management, such as “Teal” (Frédéric Laloux), “Liberation” (Isaac Getz) or “Circle-based” (sociocracy) and based on the Agile Manifesto.

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Webinar: from delegation to autonomy
Getting ready for the “new normal”

19/05/20 at 12:00

Thanks to Laurent Ledoux from Phusis and Philippe Pinault from Holaspirit for discussing the advantages of collaborative governance in the face of present and future challenges imposed by the crisis.
Find all their exchanges in the written and video transcript (both in French).

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Covid-19: the crisis and beyond


Collaborative governance, an answer to the crisis?

Collaborative governance, an answer to the crisis?

This article goes over the discussion between Laurent Ledoux (Phusis) and Philippe Pinault (Holaspirit) about the need for organizations to become more collaborative to prepare for “the new normal”.

Phusis in on #LockdownStandup (French)

Phusis in on #LockdownStandup (French)

Thanks you to L’Echo for allowing our initiative to be included in the solidarity actions for companies on the #LockdownStandup platform.

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