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Phusis is a cooperative of managers and experts in the transformation of large organizations.

We support leaders and teams who are ready to embark on an authentic transformation journey to improve their overall performance, combining as much as possible the improvement of employee well-being, societal impact and financial results.

We serve companies wishing to set up collaborative management, such as “Teal” (Frédéric Laloux), “Liberation” (Isaac Getz) or “Circle-based” (sociocracy) and based on the Agile Manifesto.

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60 minutes to enable remote collaboration in your company

How to maintain operations during a lockdown?

Phusis has prepared a precise action plan to immediately activate remote collaboration in your teams and offers you a free 60-minute consultation by videoconference to set it up.

latest news on Covid-19

Coronavirus and massive remote work: are Belgian companies ready?

Coronavirus and massive remote work: are Belgian companies ready?

In case of quarantine, companies will be forced to maintain their activities by facilitating remote work at a very large scale. Besides all other operational issues, will they be able to overcome technical, organizational and cultural challenges raised by massive remote work?


They trust us

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We will gladly answer all your questions about our work and our approach.

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