Authentic transformation for a collective performance

Phusis is a cooperative of managers and experts in the transformation of large organizations.

We support leaders and teams who are ready to embark on an authentic transformation journey to improve their overall performance, combining as much as possible the improvement of employee well-beingsocietal impact and financial results.

We serve companies wishing to set up collaborative management, such as “Teal” (Frédéric Laloux), “Liberation” (Isaac Getz) or “Circle-based” (sociocracy) and based on the Agile Manifesto.

Phusis is officially on the list of candidates for the “Best HR Transformation, Organizational Effectiveness & Change Management Firm” award for 2020.

HR Excellence Award

Collaborative Governance Discovery Tour

Collaborative Governance Discovery Tout

10 December 2020
The Discovery Tour is a privileged and convivial moment of exchange during which Phusis initiates, through theory and practice, leaders and decision-makers of public and private organisations to collaborative governance, to its strategic stakes (structural, cultural, individual) as well as to its operational implications within the framework of an authentic organisational transformation project.

This event will be organised in French, Dutch (and English on request). It is open to a maximum of 10 people. Participation is by invitation and registration with a code.

Latest blog posts

Phusis nominated for HR Excellence Awards 2020

Phusis is officially on the list of candidates for the “Best HR Transformation, Organizational Effectiveness & Change Management Firm” award for 2020. This first nomination comes barely three years after the creation of Phusis. An opportunity that will enable it to highlight the largest project for the implementation of collaborative governance ever carried out in Belgium.

Becoming A Collaborative Organization: The archipelago Case

This blogpost is a recap of the conversation that Henk Vandenbroucke, Phusis, had with Françoise Haumont, Managing Partner at archipelago, about the challenges raised by the implementation of collaborative governance. In this very authentic discussion, Françoise shares her experience about transforming two merged architecture firms into a single collaborative organization, but also how it helped dealing with the high unpredictability of the covid-19 crisis.

A Belgian association – that was created at the beginning of the lockdown to help frail and elderly people – has brought together almost 9,500 volunteers in a few weeks. In order to facilitate the remote collaboration of these thousands of people, Laurent Ledoux put his expertise in collaborative governance at the service of the association. Let’s take a look back at a solidary collaboration.

Two Pancras Square, London, United Kingdom

When you have already transformed your organization with Lean Management, why transform it again with collaborative governance?

Distanciation sociale

Two communications professionals share the challenges they have faced during the crisis and those they are preparing for as the business resumes.

From Delegation To Autonomy

This article goes over the discussion between Laurent Ledoux (Phusis) and Philippe Pinault (Holaspirit) about the need for organizations to become more collaborative to prepare for “the new normal”.

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